About Fastrax
About Fastrax
FASTRAX Select® is a web-based system that allows you to easily manage employment background checks from the convenience of your personal computer. Login to Fastrax Select® to access the most comprehensive research tools available! Features include access to instant verification reports as well as on-site research, FCRA compliance, customer support, and integration with recruiting, payroll and HR management software.
A Single Point of Control
Many organizations use background checks as an essential step in their screening programs. Historically, conducting these checks has required the use of multiple vendors for different stages of the screening process. Those times have changed! Fastrax Select® can provide virtually every component of an employee screening program and allow you to manage the entire process from one point of control and communication. We can also help you customize the unique screening steps that you require for each job classification.
Seamless Integration With Your HR Software
Another advantage offered by Fastrax Select® is the ability to tie into your HR software system using our Fastrax Web Service. With this seamless link, information is shared between your HR application and the Fastrax System. Since Fastrax Select® is HR-XML compatible there is no additional programming. Our full-time IT staff has implemented successful integrations with many of the common HR software providers and will insure complete satisfaction.

Making our verification/research services available through a web service application puts Fastrax in the lead for online development in the USA.

The Fastrax Web Service is built in .NET technology and allows integration through SOAP-XML -- the IT-wide standard -- running under 128-bit SSL. Our reports can be returned as raw xml, PDF or html formatted with your specific logo.
What Are the system requirements?
Fastrax Select® will work with most of the latest browser versions that support 128-bit encryption including but not limited to: Internet Explorer version 5.5 and later, Firefox 1.0 and later(including most Mozilla variants), Safari 3.0 and later, and Google Chrome. We will assign you a unique login ID and password for access to the system. The true advantage of Fastrax Select® begins with personal service that will have you processing background checks in minutes and continues to support you throughout the growth of your organization.
What Is The Cost?
Nothing! Access to Fastrax Select® requires no setup fee, monthly minimum or access fees. In addition, our End User Agreement does not bind you to us for any term. If we are not proving ourselves every day, you can walk away with no further obligation.

Thousands of America's most successful companies have come to depend on Fastrax Select® to provide critical information in their hiring process. Now, you can put our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction to work in your organization.